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Title: Sentimentos de jovens em tratamento oncológico diante da pandemia do coronavírus
Authors: ABREU, Carlos Eduardo Oliveira de
PEDROSA, Ana Paula Amaral
ACCIOLY, Cybelle Cavalcanti
ALBUQUERQUE, Eliane Nóbrega
Keywords: Jovens
Issue Date: 2022
Abstract: This article aims to understand the feelings of young people undergoing cancer treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic period. The research is qualitative, characterized as a cross-sectional study of an exploratory nature. Scientific literature on feelings was used as theoretical support and the technique of free association of words was used in the application of virtual forms based on the guidelines of the "snowball" sampling method. The inducing terms 'Coronavirus', 'Going to the hospital', and 'Treatment against cancer' were used. Then, the participants were instructed to perform a hierarchy and justification of the evoked words. Data analysis was based on Bardin’s content analysis (2011). As results obtained, the pandemic circumstance was articulated with the feelings of young people, pointing out the prevalence of fear, dread, sadness, longing and hope in the face of social context, in addition to the high transmissibility of the virus and the lack of a cure. The study aims to contribute to the understanding of young people's feelings in contexts of calamity and to assist in future research actions to be developed for this audience
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