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Title: Características clínicas e epidemiológicas de pneumonia comunitária em adultos internados: uma série de casos
Authors: FERNANDES, Yan Bonifacio
LIMA, Thiago Toscano de Araújo
ARCA, Vitor Maia
Keywords: Pneumonia
Teste rápido de antígeno urinário
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Objective: Analyze the clinical and epidemiological features of CAP in adults. Methods: A case series study with 20 patients admitted at the Hospital Oscar Coutinho/IMIP and Miguel Arraes in 2016. Variables analyzed: sociodemographic, clinical, adequacy of antibiotics scheme and course of the disease. The diagnosis of CAP was carried out according to the guidelines of the Sociedade Brasileira de Pneumologia e Tisiologia. We used the escores of CURB-65 and PSI. A database was constructed and checked the proportional frequencies and performed chi-square and Fischer tests. The project has been submitted to the Ethics Committee. Results: We included 20 patients. All of them were aged over 50 years and 70% male. 65% of patients had a family income of up to 2 minimum wages, and 70% had internment similar indication by the CURB-65 and PORT. The urinary antigen test for pneumococcus was positive in 15%. We have found that 80% of patients had adequate treatment according to the BTA and 55% were hospitalized for more than 15 days. The mortality rate was 30%. Conclusion: Pneumonia need a proper handling. We emphasize the high mortality and low prevalence of pneumococcus as the etiologic agent. We stress the importance of new studies on the subject.
Description: Orientador:Eduardo Jorge da Fonseca Lima
URI: http://tcc.fps.local:80/handle/fpsrepo/338
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