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Title: Conhecimento sobre o canabidiol por estudantes e docentes dos cursos de medicina e farmácia
Authors: FIGUEIROA, Maria de Lourdes Castro de Oliveira
SÁ, Adriano Albuquerque Gomes de
TERRA, Amanda Henriques
MENDONÇA, Nathalie Santiago
SILVA, Elisangela Christhianne Barbosa da
Keywords: Canabidiol
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Objective: evaluate knowledge of teachers and students of pharmacy and medicine courses of a private health college about the therapeutic potential of cannabidiol. Method: descriptive cross-sectional study from September 2016 to August 2017. Data were collected through a semi-structured questionnaire contemplating sociodemographic questions and questions about therapeutic use of cannabidiol for teachers and students of pharmacy and medicine courses from the first to forth Year. Results: 548 questionnaires, which showed differences in the degree of knowledge about cannabidiol among the courses, were evaluated. Of the medical students 66.1% did not know their indications, while the majority of pharmacy dominated the topic. The same disparity was observed regard understanding the specialties authorized to prescribe it and its adverse effects. When comparing students and teachers, it was observed a greater understanding of teachers on the difference between marijuana and cannabidiol and its therapeutic potential, since 81.6% of the teachers know how to differentiate it from Cannabis and 77.1% know its clinical use. Conclusion: There are noticeable gaps in students' knowledge about cannabidiol, especially in medical school. Research on its therapeutic potential is recent and insufficient, requiring greater investment in this area of knowledge within universities and stimulating scientific work on the subject.
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